Affordable Homeowners Insurance Near Calumet Township, IN

When you need auto insurance near Calumet Township, IN, you don’t want to turn to a faceless dot-com company. You want to go to a local office to talk face-to-face with someone who cares.

At Crowel Agency, Inc., we can help you find the exact insurance plan to meet your needs. We insure all drivers, no matter their driving history. We also offer homeowners and business insurance for Calumet Township residents.

Why We’re Different

With experience serving local customers since 1964, we know how to connect you with the right plan. Since we have relationships with several insurance companies, we’re able to find you the right insurance plan at the best price point.
Plus, you can meet with our agents whenever is most convenient for you. We offer extended hours so you can meet with us after work if necessary.

Whether you’re looking for insurance for the first time or hoping to change your plan later in life, count on our experienced agents to guide you through the process.

Meeting with us is convenient for Calumet Township residents. Our office is in Highland, just fifteen minutes away from Calumet Township. Call us at 219-923-2131 today to find the right business, auto, or homeowners insurance near Calumet Township, IN.